Urban affairs

Urban and Environmental Affairs Objectives and Obligations

Objectives and mission of the Department of Urban and Environmental Affairs

Department of Urban and Environmental Affairs is tasked with preserving the city with an environmental approach, handling the cleanliness and cleaning of urban passages and squares, maintaining and promoting environmental health and managing urban waste, disposing and recycling of urban waste, preserving and developing urban green space, maintaining and illuminating urban passages, beautifying urban spaces and organizing outdoor advertising activities, managing wastewater and wastewater treatment plants, managing wastewater collection network as well as transferring the treated wastewater to green space and managing urban public transport.

Description of the tasks of the Department of Urban and Environmental Affairs

Involving investors in advancing the plans and objectives of the organization has topped the agenda of the Department of Urban and Environmental Affairs. For this purpose, outsourcing of some of the projects with participation of the investors has been envisaged in 2019 policies of the department. Waste management in the form of BOT, launching the phase 2 of island's sewage treatment and also constructing and operating advertising facilities at mechanized and non-mechanized minibus stations are among the outsourced projects.