Directors of Independent Divisions

Satellite Islands

About Satellite Islands Unit

This unit is tasked with the managing all matters related to the islands including maintenance, steering and control of the required services for the development of Hendurabi island in accordance with policy of Kish Free Zone Organization and under the management of the respected CEO of Kish Development, Water and Services Company.


The most important tasks of Satellite Islands Unit


Supervision, control and implementation of all matters related to Hendurabi island including:

1.    Supply and transportation of fuel and oil and supply of generator components and the required periodic technical services.
2.    Maintenance of power transfer network and the lights illuminating passage in Hendurabi village
3.    Distributing drinking water in Hendurabi island and maintaining water transfer network in the island as well as controlling water consumption
4.    Preservation, irrigation and expansion of green space in Hendurabi island
5.    Maintenance of roads and passages in Hendurabi island
6.    Supplying vessels and management of all trips to Hendurabi island
7.    Supervision and control over health and medical services in Hendurabi island and supplying vessels for medical team commute
8.    Supervision and control over rescue and firefighting services in Hendurabi island provided by the trained forces of this unit
9.    Supervision over the performance and communication with Hendurabi based bodies including maritime branch of law enforcement forces, IRGC, and the security staff of Kish Investment and Development Company and also Mika Company with the aim of coordination and procedural unity.
10.    Establishing communication with the native residents of Hendurabi Island
11.    Management and supervision over all visits including welcome ceremonies for officials
12.    Providing municipal services in Hendurabi island including collecting and separation to garbage, cleaning up beaches, washing up signs and urban elements and …
13.    Defining necessary projects and prioritize them in coordination with the respected CEO  of  Kish Development, Water, Services Company and also supervising and managing projects
14.    Monitoring and controlling the performance of Hendurabi-based personnel
15.    Drafting and drawing up periodic reports
16.    Handling and controlling ongoing projects and supervising the performance of all Hendurabi island based contractors including those involved in water production, machinery supply, urban services and green space preservation