Nobonyad Park

Aryan Park

This park is situated in Nobonyad 2 district and is approximately 12,000 square meters which includes an exclusive parking lot. From the west, the park leads to Aryan Bazaar and square and from the east it leads to Bishabur Street.
The park includes a 5,500 square meter green space, a 330 meter waking path, a 300 square meter playground for children equipped with swings, slides and ..., a 120 square meter mini-soccer field for children, a 360 square meter skating rink, two standard badminton courts, and a mini-soccer field for adults.

It also includes a 750 square meter harmonic wooded stone-work space and internal access paths which have been paved with premium stone as well as 8 restrooms and a 2000 square meter parking lot which is accessible from inside the square.