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Kish Development, Water and Services Company of Kish Free Zone Organization (Privately held company) was founded on July 17, 1987 under the name of Kish Construction Company (Privately held company) and was registered at the Directorate of Registration of Companies and Industrial Property in Tehran with registration number of 66183. Subsequently, the name of the company changed to Kish Development and Engineering Company on August 6, 1992. On September 18, 1993, the company's headquarters were transferred from Tehran to Kish island and was registered under number 186 at Directorate of Registration of Companies in Bandar Lengeh. The company was also registered under number 834 at Kish Directorate of Registration of Companies and Industrial Properties on May 10, 2000 and the registry file was transferred from Bandar Lengeh to Kish.

According to the ordinary general assembly decree dated March 2, 2005, it was decided that since September 23, 1995 the name of the company be changed from Kish Engineering & Development Company to Kish Water Company. Also, according to the Ordinary General Assembly Decree dated March 18, 2012,  Kish Water Company (Privately held company), and based on the letter No. 339/10/892 dated July 27, 2010,  filed by the Secretariat of the Coordination Council of Free Trade, Industrial and Special Economic Zones and letter No. 892/20/506 dated August 23, 2010 and letter No. 902/20/852 dated February 18, 2012, filed by the Office of Deputy CEO of the said council for Development, Management, and Legal Affairs of the Parliament (Majlis) It was decided to cease all of the activities and operations of Kish Water Company from April 20, 2012 and that the company was merged with Kish Investment and Development Company in a bid to avoid corporate enterprise and concentrated policy making, planning and supreme oversight over the performance of affiliated companies and institutes. According to a decree by the general assembly dated December 7, 2015, the name of the company was changed from Kish Water Company to Development, Water and Service Company of Kish Free Zone Organization.  The new statue of the company was ratified in decree No. 106349/51600 by the Board of Ministers on November 7, 2015 and was approved by the Guardian Council in a letter dated October 28, 2015 and was registered at Directorate of Registration of Companies and Industrial and Intellectual Properties of Kish Free Zone Organization and the subject of the company's activity changed accordingly and presently the company is part of the subsidiary trade units of Kish Free Zone Organization which is also the ultimate trade union of the group.  The company is situated in Pars Administrative Complex, Iran Boulevard, Persian Gulf Square, Kish and Kish island the venue of its main activity.



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