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Goals of Office of Deputy CEO for Urban Planning

Goals of Office of Deputy CEO for Urban Planning

Office of Deputy CEO for Urban Planning is tasked with planning, issuing building certificates and permits, controlling and overseeing construction projects in Kish island and serves as a policy maker in the specialized areas related to urban planning in line with the development policies outlined by Kish Free Zone Organization. This department seeks to boost clients' and investors' satisfaction and prepare the ground for Kish island to be an outstanding model for architecture and urban planning in the region. This can be achieved via complying all related terms and regulations and taking a special approach toward persevering the environment and implementing Kish Comprehensive Plan.


- Highlighting the national and territorial integration and strengthening Islamic - Iranian identity
- Maintaining the dynamic and productive relationship between urban and coastal areas in line with the goals of Kish Comprehensive Plan
- Organizing coastal areas in order to preserve environmental conditions
- Improving environmental conditions with changing the approach toward the regulations aimed at preserving the coral layer of the island
  - Planning the design and implementation of projects in line with the objectives of Kish Comprehensive Plan and based on a sustainable urban development approach
- Preventing land use change which is in violation of the approved comprehensive plan and contrary to environmental considerations by adopting effective and efficient regulatory measures and regulations and reviewing land use change criteria based on ecological features
- Establishing a favorable relationship between the investors and Office of Deputy CEO for Urban Planning and Architecture as part of efforts to facilitate the process
- Improving electronic services provided to investors as part of efforts to boost their satisfaction
- Putting emphasis on implementing electronic city policies and envisaging related infrastructures in plans and projects.

Top Tasks and duties


Each of the units has its own technical and supervisory tasks according to a specific organizational chart:

- Issuing all building certificates and permits in Kish island in accordance with the current regulations and laws of Kish Free Zone Organization
- Maintaining the balance of urban structure and landscape and approving related projects according to urban planning regulations
Controlling and overseeing all construction projects with the aim of boosting construction quality
- Controlling and overseeing the performance of civil engineers in the island

 - Reviewing all proposals on changing and reforming executive plans for investment at the Urban Planning and Architecture Council.