Directors of Independent Divisions

Directorate of Planning and Development

Introduction of Planning and Development Department


This department was set up at Kish Development, Water and Services Company in mid 2018.  Research and development (R&D), education, systems and methods, information technology as well as planning and statistics are the units which have been envisaged in the organizational structure of this department.


 Introduction of Research and Development Unit (R&D)


Launching the R&D unit to boost the company's productivity, quality and performance level
Employing innovation to augment the competitive edge of the company in both national and international arenas

Evaluating  the performance of the company as part of efforts to enhance the quality of existing services to meet the needs and demands of the clients
Studying, exploring, and discovering market opportunities and needs to explore and define new services or services in the form of revenue opportunities
In-depth review of the company's current service delivery and thorough analysis of the effectiveness of the current plans and the existing personnel
Slashing the level of direct reliance on the organization and boosting self-reliance as part of efforts to launch a fitness plan
Researching into the smart ways of reducing costs of company's existing services


Introduction of  Information Technology Unit


Reviewing and providing required plans to realize E company.
 Preparing the ground and providing the necessary facilities for the creation of databases and documentation center and consolidating information infrastructures
Providing daily hardware, software, networking, ... services to the company staff on a continuous basis
Monitoring the process of purchase, repair and replacement of computer equipment


 Introduction of Education Unit


Conducting educational needs analysis of the company's units based on the objectives set out in the company's 2019  operational plan
Launching a targeted and effective training plan for the staff with the aim of improving the efficiency of the company's human resources as part of efforts to raise corporate and personal incomes
Preparing the necessary grounds for effective participation in learning and knowledge-seeking processes


Introducing Systems and Methods Unit


 Editing and redefining the goals, policies and strategies of the company
Optimizing and updating the company's processes through the participation of the relevant units
Implementing the requirements of an integrated system of quality, environmental, safety and professional health management system.
Obtaining  ISO certificate for the integrated IMS management systems
Performing precautionary and periodic audits to continuously monitor the system


Introduction of Planning and Statistics Unit


Organizing the system of registration, reporting and statistical data collection
Extracting results and analyzing statistical data in order to help managers plan a promoted level of service delivery of the company
Launching a systematic and precise exploitation of statistics and reports to draft operational plans to advance company's goals
Drawing up an operational plan for the company and observing it continuously in order to achieve the stated goals