Directors of Independent Divisions

Directorate of Crisis and Civil Defense

Introduction of Department of Crisis management and Passive Defense


Department of Crisis Management and Passive Defense was set up at Kish Free Zone Development, Water and Services Company in mid 2018. Fire station and safety services, crisis prevention and control and  passive defense are the units envisaged in the organizational structure of this department, of which fire station and safety services is operating at the moment.

The most important tasks and duties


A. The most important tasks of Department of Crisis management and Passive Defense


- Planning and supporting the implementation of the tasks of Kish Development, Water and Service Company in the areas related to crisis management and passive defense, including fire and safety services, management of surface water flow and ...


B. The most important tasks of the directorate of Fire and Safety Services


- Preparation and implementation of the city's fire safety plan by utilizing up-to-date and efficient technologies observing the relevant standards
- Action plan for fire prevention, rescue and damage control

- Ensuring the safety of all places, buildings and installations against fire threat at all stages of construction, operation, and equipment, monitoring insecure sites owned by Kish Free Zone Organization and taking necessary measures to secure them
- Holding educational programs for citizens as part of efforts to familiarize them with the tasks and missions of the department
- Setting up data system, documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of incidents and infernos, operation capability, city's risk taking against incidents and blazes.

- Continuous monitoring of the readiness of the staff and helping them boost their capability, skills and knowledge via conducting periodic fitness tests, sports competitions, medical tests and specialized training courses tailored to situational characteristics and environmental conditions.

- Managing and holding training courses on duties and missions of the department as well as participation patterns for the citizens including school children, university students, staff of the executive organizations and businessmen with the aim of improving the city's safety capability in the face of infernos and incidents.
- Implementing the project of hierarchy of firefighting commands including designating clothing and firefighting degrees
- Managing the preparation and implementation of topical plans to enhance the safety of dysfunctional, historical, market and such like.
- Identifying and utilizing active machinery, equipment and manpower in the city
- Supervising the observation of safety instructions in construction, maintenance and operation of maritime transportation systems and holding joint drills to boost readiness for rescue operations

- Managing the development and utilization of the capacity of benefactors and none-government organizations as well as specialized and professional organizations, cooperative and private companies in matters related to the tasks and missions of the organization

- Reviewing the final costs of safety and firefighting services and proposing them to the company's board of directors and obtaining it by using modern technologies and specifying the cost performance baseline in the field of safety and firefighting.

- Providing specialized services and consultation to citizens, organizations, institutions, military and law enforcement forces on firefighting and safety services by obtaining a full service charge.

- Reviewing and identifying  the technical and specialized competence of natural and legal persons involved in the field of firefighting and safety services and organizing and supervising them.


 The most important measures implemented in 2018


A. Crisis management and passive deffense

- Drafting the regulations on the qualifications of the natural and legal - persons implementing firefighting and safety systems in Kish island.
- Drafting the criteria for the selection and use of appropriate pipes and fittings in fire extinguishing systems in Kish island
- Action plan for managing surface water flows and local storms in Kish island.

- Instructions for the formation of crisis management and passive defense committee at Kish Development, Water and Services Company.


B. The most important measures taken by Directorate of Firefighting and Safety Services