Directors of Independent Divisions

Contract Management Department

About Contract Management Department

Contract management department, as an independent entity, operating under the supervision of the company's CEO, consists of three divisions including Directorates of Contract Management and Contract Handling and a unit called the Technical Archive. Selecting contract parties, preparing and drawing up all contracts related to service providers in compliance with the applicable laws, bylaws and directives, and handling the relevant situations and careful supervision over the observation of the terms of the contracts as well as conducting regular visits to projects and filing the relevant documents are among the major responsibilities of this department


 The most important tasks carried out by Contract Management Department

-  Reviewing and taking the necessary measures on bids and auction requests submitted by the relevant units
-  Holding meeting before bids and auctions and preparing and drawing up relevant documents and obtaining the necessary approvals and coordination for the publication of advertisements in nation-wide highly circulated newspapers and publishing in other relevant systems.

- Coordinating and holding meetings of the technical and trade committee, and transaction commissions and the announcement of the results of transaction commission meetings through the public network in the company's system.

 - Notifying the winners of bids and auctions, preparing and drawing up contracts based on regulations, bylaws, and related directives and handling related contracts

- Reviewing the permanent and temporary performance of contractors, consultants and service providers and supervision over the accurate and precise implementation of the contract and conducting regular project visits

- Reviewing and taking action regarding all requests for interim delivery, definite delivery and land classification and the presence of a single representative in the relevant meetings and taking part in various meetings, including technical committees, intermediate trading committees

- Reviewing and taking action on extending the term, increasing the price ceiling, terminating, annulling and reviewing and releasing the contractual guarantees and deposits related to contracts

- Drafting the necessary bylaws, rules, and internal regulations in related fields and providing corrective solutions to optimize existing methods and resolve issues

- Creating an electronic archive of documents and papers including bidding documents, bids, contracts, statements, correspondence and…

Upcoming plans and goals


- Reforming the contracting process including reducing process time, eliminating unnecessary stages, making the process mechanized and web-based, prioritizing and scheduling transactions

- Reforming the process of handling the statements including reduction of the handling time, implementation and execution of the web-based applications
- Reforming the technical structures, trends and processes of the company
- Organizing, improving and mechanizing technical archive system
- Supplying efficient and specialized human resource and promoting the technical level of management